Wondering How to File a Restraining Order in Washington?

Consult a domestic violence attorney in Yakima, WA

Domestic violence protection orders (DVPOs) exist to protect victims from unwanted and dangerous contact from anyone who poses a threat, including spouses, exes, coparents, romantic partners and family members. To help get out of a potentially life-threatening situation as quickly as possible, Lauren A. Ellis, Family Attorney PLLC can litigate, arrange and file a restraining order on your behalf.

Lauren A. Ellis is a domestic violence attorney who advocates for victims in Yakima, WA and surrounding areas. With help from attorney Ellis, you can obtain the legal support needed to...

  • Remove an abusive person from your residence
  • Prevent an abusive person from coming to your home or workplace
  • Protect your family while an abusive person is awaiting trial, if applicable

Our consultations are safe and confidential. If we can't help you, we'll refer you to any relevant resources available.

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Justice for alleged perpetrators

Domestic violence is a serious offense, so accusing someone of abusing a family member can tear many people's lives apart. Unfortunately, people have been known to file a restraining order to gain the upper hand in divorce or separation proceedings.

If you feel a restraining order or DVPO filed against you is unwarranted, we can manage your case to...

  • Protect your parental or property rights
  • Help place you back on equal footing during divorce negotiations
  • Increase the likelihood of reversing the parenting plan or child support modification that resulted from the restraining order filed against you

We can determine where you stand in the modification process. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a domestic violence attorney in Yakima, WA.